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iTunes Connect TestFlight

TestFlight is now legacy TestFlight and the new Apple version, as accessed via iTunesConnect, is TestFlight Beta Testing. TestFlight Beta Testing has both increased the number of users to 1000 and reduced it to 25. The number of internal testers … Continue reading

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Prepping For Freelance #2 Newsletters

I’ve signed up to a bunch of newsletters as part of my preparation for going freelance in iOS Development. The newsletters are a varied mix of freelance advice and building an online business. Not all advice is relevant but it … Continue reading

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Flappy Apps

Flappy Bird taken down after it's accused of being a clone; leads to hundreds of other developers making clones to ride on its popularity. — Steve McIntyre (@stevedecoded) February 13, 2014 but even worse The story of Flappy Bird, it … Continue reading

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Azure Silver Linings

In the space of a couple of hours using Windows Azure: Created a mobile service Ran the iOS app in the iOS simulator Ran the web app locally Ran the web app deployed on Azure Added Facebook authentication to both … Continue reading

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NSHipster Quote

As developers, it is our responsibility to understand the goals and needs of our applications, and to resist the urge to over-engineer and prematurely optimize our solutions.

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Scratch and Stencyl

I’ve just seen that Stencyl 2.0 (2012) looks very much like Scratch 1.8 (2008) It seems that Stencyl was based on Scratch. If it allows kids to build games, surely I can figure it out?

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30K App Downloads

  It was pleasant surprise today to see that apps I have written as TinyShinyApps have been downloaded 30,000 times. PictoBento¬†was done as a showcase app and shows beautiful images from Instagram and Dribbble. It was written in iOS4 and … Continue reading

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Rob Rix Interview

A great interview with Rob Rix highlighted a bunch of useful development tips: Surround yourself with people smarter than you. (Online friendships do count.) Surround yourself with people who ship good work. Never let the perfect be the enemy of … Continue reading

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Parse By Facebook

Very surprised to find that Facebook acquired Parse back in April 2013. Parse has been my on radar as a potential solution but this would add concerns about the platforms longevity. Like?

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iOS Test Studio

Coming from a background in test automation I was pleased to see that there was a suitable solution for iOS. Telerik’s iOS Test Studio is an iOS app for simple test automation. I’ve previously tried it our for web testing … Continue reading

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