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Coming from a background in test automation I was pleased to see that there was a suitable solution for iOS. Telerik’s iOS Test Studio is an iOS app for simple test automation.

I’ve previously tried it our for web testing and had been very impressed with its capabilities. Especially the freedom it allows by giving you the power to record and execute automated testing from your mobile device.

Today was the first time, I’d tried to run it against an iOS application. The Xcode configuration needs are well documented and simple to set up.

Recording a test is very simple, including adding verification steps.

Turning off Annotations, which is the red highlighting to show interactions, rapidly speeds up the app, as this removes a default 1 second delay per interaction. The only slow part of testing my current app is the UIStepper control, which is not the fault of iOS Test Studio. (This was a useful tip from:

It hit a limit for me as I need to check that the email launched contains the correct content but iOS Test Studio app won’t recognise the mail client. I’ll be contacting Telerik to find out if this is possible.

Test playback is only one test at a time which is unfortunate, but a test list feature is being discussed for this year.

Hooking up the iOS Test Studio app to the web portal means that all tests and results can be viewed remotely. This free’s up test data from the device. This does unfortunately require a manual sync within the app.

iOS Test Studio is free for both the app and the web portal.

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