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Chris Lattner: Server Side Swift Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast 205 featured an interview with Chris Lattner. The focus was on his involvement with Swift. One section included his thoughts on server side Swift. Some of his comments: Everyone on the project wants it to be “the way … Continue reading

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Speedy App Prototyping Without Coding

This overview will introduce the use of Sketch for design, Marvel for prototyping and Lookback for feedback. If you would to discuss your app design process, please contact me. No More Xcode This is the last mention of Xcode in this … Continue reading

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Share via Twitter Workflow

Created to solve the common task of sharing on Twitter. I wanted to be able to: Highlight text on web page Right click, select Share Create Tweet with highlighted text and URL Download Share via Twitter workflow. For Mac, using Safari and … Continue reading

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Azure Silver Linings

In the space of a couple of hours using Windows Azure: Created a mobile service Ran the iOS app in the iOS simulator Ran the web app locally Ran the web app deployed on Azure Added Facebook authentication to both … Continue reading

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Mobile Commerce Stats

Really interesting presentation on the state of mobile commerce. [slideshare id=23878672&doc=50must-know2-130703165724-phpapp01]

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Rob Rix Interview

A great interview with Rob Rix highlighted a bunch of useful development tips: Surround yourself with people smarter than you. (Online friendships do count.) Surround yourself with people who ship good work. Never let the perfect be the enemy of … Continue reading

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Email Is Dead

Except it remains the only open, barrier free method of communicating between services without any restrictions or partnership agreements being in place. Every service uses email as a fallback method of sharing but it deserves a much higher status than … Continue reading

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Cheap Mac Dev Alternative?

Could this be a cheap development alternative to a MacbookPro? Chromebook MacinCloud Update: an interesting article covering the use of Chromebook for development – Reviewing the $250 Samsung Chromebook as a Developer

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Hello Trello

Trello is a simple, easy to use to do list. It assists with project planning and task management. Its very easy to quickly create, manage and complete a piece of work with Trello. As a personal productivity tool its great, … Continue reading

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Think Visibility – September 2012

Think Visibility – 01 September 2012, Leeds – #thinkvis – compiled with Twitseek – Thinkvis – Lanyrd Magento SEO Slides from ThinkVis Sept 2012 Probably the best social media campaign ever! via @basvandenbeld at #thinkvis 🙂 Content Marketing – Beyond the Bullsh*t Coolhunting: How … Continue reading

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