Map Filter App Intro

The idea behind Map Filter App (prototype title) is “Instagram for maps”. The basic use: find an interesting feature on a map, choose a map style, apply a filter.

A more accurate “X for X” comparison may be “filters for maps” because the app will not have social networking features.



Find an interesting feature on a map

The map is centered on Manhattan by default. There are many interesting features in the New York area to immediately start experimenting with the app. There is no search option to navigate to a specific location. Standard pinch/zoom/slide navigation can be used to go anywhere in the world.


Choose a map style

There are currently 5 map styles. They range from artistic to satellite imagery.


Apply a filter

There are currently 5 map filters. There are colour filters and abstract filters.


This limited set of functionality should be enough to gather initial feedback on whether the app is a good idea.

The next version additions are: location search, more map styles and more filters.

If you are interested in experimenting with the app, please get in touch.


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