Chris Lattner: Server Side Swift Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast 205 featured an interview with Chris Lattner. The focus was on his involvement with Swift.

One section included his thoughts on server side Swift.

Some of his comments:

Everyone on the project wants it to be “the way to do server development”.

It’s phase 2 of Swift’s plan for world domination plan.

Everyone hopes Swift will be the next best thing. They’re hoping for it to be more popular than Java, Python or even C.

He commented that open source is the key to this. “Without open source, it wouldn’t be available on other platforms; it won’t be used in education or teaching.”

He also thought that systems programming is the next great frontier for Swift. He indicated that the necessary libraries and frameworks are needed and are coming together. This is being guided by the Swift server working group.

He thought there were half a dozen different interesting approaches. But stated it’s not yet clear which one will win out.

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