Apple Watch Prototyping

ThinkApps has launched a prototyping tool that allows you create interactive mockups of your Apple Watch idea. This provides a great way to get hands on with the device.

MarvelApp has released a new version of their app which included a Watch app. The new feature allows you to run your MarvelApp Watch prototype on your device.


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Develop Quickly with JSON

A large amount of app development involves integrating with third party systems, typically via an API. More typically via JSON. Paw is a great tool for working with API’s. It’s super simple to create your requests and organise them into groups. I typically group by API call, staging or production, for various testing accounts. It also simply handles authentication.

Paw has code generators which export the ObjC code required for your API call. My workflow currently involves using Cocoa JSON Editor for this purpose. It’s more heavyweight approach will create ObjC classes for object models of the API response.

Using these tools allows you can quickly evaluate an API. They both offer a visual approach to modelling the data and structuring your classes.


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Continuously Learning Xcode

For an indie developer it’s important to hear how other developers are working. Ben Scheirman of NSScreencast is posting an interesting series on his development of an app. Just watching how others work is really useful to spot shortcuts and efficiencies in development. A subscription is required for full access, but the first three videos (Part 1Part 2Part 3) in this series are available for free.

A couple of tips from these first videos. SimPholders2 is a utility which saves minutes off the tedious process of navigating the Finder to the folder structure for your app in the simulator. will generate your gitignore file for your project.


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MacID for iOS – ASO Review

MacID for iOS is the number 1 paid app (Monday 18th May 2015)

The basics

  • £0.79 – Universal app
  • Offers Apple Watch App
  • All 5 screenshots have text heading with features and benefits.
  • No App Preview video.
  • 27 Ratings, the majority are 5 star.
  • Top description is short and descriptive. Full length description details all features, all compatible iOS devices and Mac models.
  • Related section for Top Paid iPhone Utilities Apps included Knock, priced at £3.99, offers Apple Watch App. 13 ratings with an average of 3 stars.
  • iOS App Feature Bingo: Today Widget, Mac, TouchID, Apple Watch, Glance, iTunes, Notification Center, Bluetooth.

Version History

This is version 1.2 of the app. Version 1 released 15 Jan 2015, with Version 1.1 released 10 Mar 2015. Some early review indicate issues with app reliability. The majority of recent review are positive.

Developer Website

A truly beautiful website for MacID. More great copy for the app. All very Apple in design. Links through to his personal blog which has a couple of articles which appear to be his first experiments with the mechanisms that make up MacID. He also has an extensive run down of iOS8 features where he mentions the TouchID API.

App Rankings

MacID for iOS App Rankings

The app has multiple peaks and troughs only recently levelling out at the top of the charts, primarily caused by the price change from £3.99 to £0.79.

MacID for iOS App Rankings


Much can be learned from this app. A simple mechanic for the app. A simple well designed icon. The screenshots are selling this app. The price has been the trigger for the number one position.

It looks like that the app at the top of the App Store charts in mid May 2015 was probably first conceived at WWDC in June 2014. Just another App Store overnight app success.



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NSConference Videos

NSConference has established itself as one of the best iOS Development conferences. That all came to a close this year. I was lucky enough to attend and am looking forward to watching the newly released NSConf7 videos. I was amazed to see that Scotty has uploaded what looks like every video from every conference which is just an amazing resource.

I can recommend:


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App Business Interviews

There’s a huge resource of podcast interviews that I’ve recently discovered. Paul Kemp, TheAppGuy has recorded nearly 300 interviews with app business owners and developers. He’s also launching a new series called App Store Launch Stories.

If you’ve not heard of Paul before you can check his credentials in the glowing praise in How a $2.99 recipe app became a Top 2 Paid App in the App Store with their App Store launch story.


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iOS Development Tools April 2015

Each project with a new team brings new tools and workflows. Tools I’ve been using this month.

iOS Development

  • Fabric include Crashlytics Beta for deploying test builds. Planning to use Twitter Digits for user onboarding.
  • Parse – for user management and uploading video files
  • Fastlane – investigating for deployment of test builds and screenshot generation for App Store listing.

Project Management



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App Store Descriptions

Appbot have a great post on Writing a Great App Store Description.

One of the points is about telling a story, something that many apps fail to do.

Tell a story, don’t rattle off features

Selling a story of the person your potential customers want to be is what you are trying to achieve. Are they going to be awesomely productive? Are they going to save money? Are they going to get fit in just 7 minutes? Tell me about the super human I will become using your app.


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iOS Development Tools February 2015

Each project with a new team brings new tools and workflows. Tools I’ve been using this month.


iOS Development


Project Management



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iTunes Connect TestFlight Issues

It’s not been a great week for iTunesConnect in the first week since TestFlight was retired. There have been issues with accessing iTunes Connect, uploading builds for testing and notifications not being sent.

This has affected my ability to send builds out to two clients this week, but all builds were delivered by using workarounds.

iTunes Connect Workarounds

These are the workarounds I’ve been using:

iTunesConnect login successful but blank page displayed

Login using Chrome instead of Safari.


Uploaded build remains in Processing state

My builds are typically processed successfully within 10 minutes. If they remain in a Processing state longer than that I assume something has failed. I will then increment the version and build number in Xcode and resubmit. This subsequent build will typically process successfully.


Notifications not being sent

If push notifications and emails are not received after uploading the build, you can remove and re-invite testers to the build. This will trigger the notifications.



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