Using Twitpay for Paid Content

TwitpayAt Mediacamp Nottingham 2, Glenn Le Santo was discussing the last ten and next ten years of media. Part of that discussion was inevitably about monetisation and how its difficult to do. When it is attempted there is a backlash and criticism as the Times has recently experienced with its paywall debate. But without monetisation it is difficult for independent content producers to generate income in the age of free.

So, how do we fix this? I would suggest that we start doing it more until it becomes commonplace, second nature, part of the culture. Part of how we use the web. All we need is a mechanism

Twitpay is a such a mechanism. All you need is an Twitter account and a PayPal account. There is then a simple format for making payment on Twitter:

@mawawa twitpay $2 for proposing feasible micropayment structure for indie content producers

And that’s it! At the top of your blog post, ask for payment. At the start of your podcast, ask for payment. At the start of your video, ask for payment. If you don’t ask you won’t receive. If you do ask you will receive.

On this blog, if I publish content that I think is worth charging a fee for I will ask for that fee.

This is all inspired by Mediacamp Nottingham and the problem of monetising content. Does this help? See you in the comments.
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