Running Chrome

Successfully downloaded Chrome shortly after 8pm.

Initial use shows it to be clean and clutter free with a slight feeling of ‘my first browser’ about it.


  • Saving application shortcuts to the desktop is a breeze. This gives a cutdown browser window containing your favourite web sites or more importantly, your favourite web apps. Your task bar is now likely to be populated with Chrome app windows.
  • The flipped up tabs are visually different to anything else for good reason. This makes is easier to move tabs around between browser windows which is a nice touch. This allows you to break up and rearrange your browsing windows.
  • Private Browsing is now Incognito browsing complete with dodgy guy in a raincoat watching you and a reminder that everything on the Internet leaves a trace somewhere.
  • The myriad of options in Firefox and Internet Explorer have been reduced drastically down to three tabs called Basics, Minor Tweaks, Under the Hood. One of these options is the default search engine which can be changed from Google, surely a tongue in cheek gesture.
  • The task manager includes details on memory use of each tab. Each tab can be killed seperately without taking down an entire browser or all browsers.

As this release is only Version there’s plenty more to come in future. It’s only available on XP, sign up for email updates on the Mac version.

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