The Duh! Guide to the iPhone 3G

or I Read The iPhone 3G Manual So That You Don’t Have To

I just accidentally dropped my elbow onto the microphone casing on my iPhone 3G headphones, and the music stopped, pressed it again and the music started. I did it again and it worked again. It’s a damn pause button! Duh.

What the hell else can this thing do that I didn’t realise…

A single click on the mic is pause. A double click on the mic skips to the next song. It can also be used to accept calls, end calls and decline calls. Duh.

While playing music on the iPod take the headphones out, it’s a loudspeaker. Duh. Now throw your speaker dock away!

When typing, double tap the spacebar to get a space followed by a period. Duh!

When typing, rely on the autocorrect do the work for you. youve becomes you’ve, ive becomes ive and ygr becomes the. Duh!

In Safari, press and hold the .com button to display a popup list of .edu, .org and Duh!

In Safari, press and hold on an image to display a menu to save the image to the camera roll. Duh!

Take a screenshot of your Home screen by pressing the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time. The screenshot is saved to your camera roll. Duh!

You can set multiple alarms and switch them on and off as required. Duh!

Even though Safari doesn’t use Flash you can view embedded YouTube videos because it’s clever enough to open them in the YouTube app. Duh!

This list was created from: and should also apply to the iPod Touch.

Let me know of any useful tips that I’ve missed in the comments.

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