Mobilism May 2012

Official:  Mobilism 2012 – ProgrammeAttendees

FunctionSource: Coping with Over Four Hundred Devices: How Netflix Uses HTML5 to Deliver Amazing User Interfaces

The Immobile Web

We did a study of SPDY performance on mobile: 23% faster than HTTP – SPDY – SPDY — Google Developers

Opera Dragonfly – Early look at upcoming features: “pretty print”, function return values, UPnP

Creating web content for TV – Dev.Opera


@norckon: The problem of cross-platform mobile development… #mobilism

Xbox now used more for online entertainment than online gaming –

Double Vision – Global Trends in Tablet and Smartphone Use while Watching TV | Nielsen Wire

Registration is now open for the @w3c online training course on “Mobile Web Apps”!

CamHolder 0.2 for iPhone, Android and other mobile handsets – by Heiko Behrens

Test on Real Mobile Devices without Breaking the Bank | Brad Frost Web

YouTube to pay for your mobile data charges? Carriers betting on it – FierceWireless

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse | Blog | design mind

Mobile Apps Must Die

Fixed Positioning in Mobile Browsers | Brad Frost Web

The HTML5 test – How well does your browser support HTML5?

First, Understand Your Screen « James Pearce

Multiscreen Patterns | precious, strategic design & visual language

Let’s Get Physical (Units) | Boris Smus

*this* is mobile, not just a 320px wide piece of glass #mobilismconf

The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW! Cloud Four Blog

QuirksMode – for all your browser quirks


Triumph of the Mundane | Blog | design mind

Mobilism on Vimeo

Cutting through the Crap: The Essence of Content on the Future Web // Speaker Deck

Coverage of Mobilism 2012 – Lanyrd

Mobile Debugging // Speaker Deck

RT @jaspio: Here’s a panoramic shot of Path� Tuschinski: what an amazing venue #mobilismconf #mobilism

JavaScript console – for debugging JavaScript and remote debugging mobile web apps

PCAP Web Performance Analyzer

Mobile Perf bookmarklet

1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple’s Future

Mobile-first, a quick introduction

Application Cache: Douchebag // Speaker Deck





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