BDConf April 2012

Breaking Development Conference 2012

Sources: #bdconf – BDConf – BDConf on Lanyrd


bdconf: ppk presents the mobile browser world

Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them

The Immobile Web

Open Source Gesture Library

BDConf: Josh Clark presents The Seven Deadly Myths of Mobile | Brad Frost Web

Breaking Development Conference Orlando 2012 – Notes Roundup

First, Understand Your Screen « James Pearce

Responsiveness is a characteristic | Stephanie Rieger

FunctionSource: Coping with Over Four Hundred Devices: How Netflix Uses HTML5 to Deliver Amazing User Interfaces

Creating web content for TV – Dev.Opera

Performance Implications of Mobile Design

BDConf: Karen McGrane presents Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content | Brad Frost Web


Content order on touch screens | » Henny Swan’s blog

Reset the Web

Mobile is the Needle, Social is the Thread: How Information Today is Woven Into Our Lives | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project 

AudioVroom – RT @brad_frost: Audiovroom is a good example of a “responsive web app” /cc @fling #bdconf

Roundup of Recent Appearances (Global Moxie)

Apps Are Over: Frog Design’s Scott Jenson Want to Overthrow the Desktop Paradigm – Forbes

Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design

The Mobile Frontier

webinos Demo Series #1: The Vehicle API – pushing borders of Web applications

The Methodology Behind Ringmark – Facebook Developers

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is first to implement the Device API | David Calhoun’s Developer Blog

Starbucks Style Guide

Responsive Advertising | Mark Boulton 

Responsive Navigation Patterns | Brad Frost Web




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