Hidden Stars of Twestival

It’s finally time to reveal who the hidden stars of the Nottingham Twestival were:

2. The iPhone

With limited access to useful websites at work, the iPhone was crucial in being online all the time. Without it many fewer tweets would have been twittered.

1. Tweetie

Having migrated from Twitterific to Tweetie about a month ago, it’s handling of multiple accounts really came into it’s own as I needed to flip between @mawawa and @nottstwestival. It’s great for quickly checking and replying to replies and direct messages. The search feature allows you save search terms which are then displayed on the main screen which made it great for checking tweets for Nottingham Twestival. The ‘Nearby’ feature was great for finding local twitterers who may have been interested in attending Nottingham Twestival. After finding people, it’s very easy to follow them too. It can post to Twitpic and it makes it easy to retweet. With an integrated browser it’s possible to get most stuff done within Tweetie. And by adding this tweet as a Favourite, you’ve always got Google at hand in Tweetie.

Tweetie really helped me with Twestival.

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