ThinkVis Rewind

I’m looking forward to attending for the third time in March 2013. I previously attended in September 2009 and March 2010. Where you there too?

A couple of interesting posts from previous years:

60 Eureka Moments From Think Visibility 7

Link Building Lessons from Swiss Toni

Content Marketing – Beyond the Bullsh*t

A couple of link posts from previous conferences:

Think Visibility – September 2012

Think Visibility 7

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Cheap Mac Dev Alternative?

Could this be a cheap development alternative to a MacbookPro?

Update: an interesting article covering the use of Chromebook for development – Reviewing the $250 Samsung Chromebook as a Developer

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Facebook High Street Retail

Facebook Likes for High Street Retailers – 26 Feb 2013


Download: PDF


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This gallery contains 14 photos.


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Hello Trello

Trello is a simple, easy to use to do list. It assists with project planning and task management. Its very easy to quickly create, manage and complete a piece of work with Trello.

As a personal productivity tool its great, but it really comes into its own when used as part of a team. It’s simple to create an account and invite others to your Trello board. There is also another level of user management by creating an organization to assign users.

The Basics

The highest item is a board. A board contains cards. Cards can be flipped to show the details.


The three default boards are called To Do, Doing and Done. Add your items to the To Do list. Get started on one of your tasks and move it to the Doing board. When it’s done, move it to the Done board. When all tasks are done, the board can be archived off. Simple.

As an item is being completed, the card can be flipped, with further details added. Comments can be added to keep track of progress. Checklists can be added. (This comes into its own when a card is used as a template and is copied between boards). Checklist items can easily be resorted.

Repeated Tasks

Create a card with a checklist for a task that needs to be repeated. This card can then be used as a template for copying and renaming tasks.


The voting feature is useful for deciding which tasks should appear on the To Do list. This allows collection of ideas with voting to encourage the best ideas to rise to the top.


An iPhone app, Android app and mobile friendly web version are all available. Your mileage may vary. I found that the iPhone app version didn’t really allow to do the nice drag ‘n’ drop gestures of the desktop app. This proved more useful for checking progress on the go than for using.

How much?

From the web site: “Trello is free forever. We may add pay-only features in the future, but everything that’s free today will be free tomorrow and forever.”

Is it safe?

Trello is brought to you and supported by Fog Creek Software – a trusted company. The service hit 500,000 users in July 2012. All your data can be exported as JSON.

How secure?

It’s all done over HTPS/SSL. Login is possible using your Google Account.


So, how are you using Trello?



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Think Visibility – September 2012

Think Visibility – 01 September 2012, Leeds – #thinkvis – compiled with Twitseek – Thinkvis – Lanyrd

Magento SEO Slides from ThinkVis Sept 2012

Probably the best social media campaign ever! via @basvandenbeld at #thinkvis 🙂

Content Marketing – Beyond the Bullsh*t

Coolhunting: How To Predict The Future → Using Social Media Data Mining Techniques

10 YETIS TALK AT THINKVIS 2012 – SHIT MY SEO SAYS & ThinkVisibility September 2012 – Another Great SEO Conference

Is Google Afraid of the Big Bad Wolfram?

Power of Great Ideas

Think Visibility 2012: Building Online Communities on WordPress

Facebook Pics

Special Mention: DON’T TWEET THE BRIDE

WordPress Optimisation and Security



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GeekedUp in Nottingham

Another great night at GeekUp Nottingham last night. Second one I’ve attended, first one I’ve seen through to the end.

A great session on Open Data with Nottingham City Council. Appropriately open in their discussion with the developer community as to the best way to progress. An interesting project to extend their data past the already superb Nottingham Insight project. Follow @nottsopendata for more updates. It’s inspired me to take another look at CartoDB which is a great mapping playground with some amazing recent projects on their blog.

Interesting retrospective on the running of GeekUp Nottingham. It sounds as though its struggling with usual Nottingham meetup problem – “where the hell is everyone!”

Great night, great community, great future. If you’re a Nottingham techie you should be part of it!


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SAScon May 2012

SAScon Official – SAScon on Twitseek

SEO Blog : Online Marketing Blog – PushON

Gamification for SEO – What You Need to Know – #SAScon by @RichardB…

#SAScon Day 2 – Location: Fitting it Into the Marketing Mix – State of Search

Day 2 of #SAScon 2012 – My Write up

RT @RichardDMSTandy: Want to know what social connections Google has on you?

The EU Cookie Law: What you need to know to comply. | Digital Marketing Blog | Return On Digital

SASCON 2012 : Understanding the Role of Social in Search – PushON Ltd

SAScon 2012 Promotions! | Analytics SEO

Brazil retailer using Facebook likes… on its clothing hangers | VentureBeat

#SAScon Day 1 – Breaking Free of Panda/Penguin – State of Search

SASCON 2012 : The Psychology in Search and Social – PushON Ltd

SAScon 2012: Delivering Insights from Social Media – PushON Ltd

SASCON 2012: Cutting Edge Search Technology

Author Crawler Tool


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FOWD May 2012

Future of Web Design 2012 – Twitseek FOWD – FOWD on LanyrdOfficial FOWD

Creating Wonderful Web App User Experience // Speaker Deck

Responsive Process – London 2012

Roundup of Recent Appearances (Global Moxie)

Inform to Inspire // Speaker DecFuture of Web Design | NodeOne

Home – Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

Notes on Design // Speaker Deck

What does Art Direction mean for the modern web? | Tribal Labs

Let your ideas brew |

Stuff I learned at the Future of Web Design conference – part one | Kimberley Tew

Designing For A Flexible Web at The Future of Web Design London 2012 | Lanyrd

FOWD London | Ash Robbins

Future of Web Design London 2012 : Day 2 thoughts and summary | Athernet Blog

Chris Jones, Blueleaf – FOWD presentation – Is it human? // Speaker Deck

Design Critique – Google Docs

Unedited notes from FOWD ?

Communicating ‘why’ creates a connection on an emotional level. Don’t just rely on ‘what’ & ‘how’: #goldencircle

It’s Not Working For Me: #crit | Mark Boulton

In defence of mobile diversity // Speaker Deck

FOWD: Stylesheet Organization with Sass // Speaker Deck

Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone

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Mobilism May 2012

Official:  Mobilism 2012 – ProgrammeAttendees

FunctionSource: Coping with Over Four Hundred Devices: How Netflix Uses HTML5 to Deliver Amazing User Interfaces

The Immobile Web

We did a study of SPDY performance on mobile: 23% faster than HTTP – SPDY – SPDY — Google Developers

Opera Dragonfly – Early look at upcoming features: “pretty print”, function return values, UPnP

Creating web content for TV – Dev.Opera


@norckon: The problem of cross-platform mobile development… #mobilism

Xbox now used more for online entertainment than online gaming –

Double Vision – Global Trends in Tablet and Smartphone Use while Watching TV | Nielsen Wire

Registration is now open for the @w3c online training course on “Mobile Web Apps”!

CamHolder 0.2 for iPhone, Android and other mobile handsets – by Heiko Behrens

Test on Real Mobile Devices without Breaking the Bank | Brad Frost Web

YouTube to pay for your mobile data charges? Carriers betting on it – FierceWireless

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse | Blog | design mind

Mobile Apps Must Die

Fixed Positioning in Mobile Browsers | Brad Frost Web

The HTML5 test – How well does your browser support HTML5?

First, Understand Your Screen « James Pearce

Multiscreen Patterns | precious, strategic design & visual language

Let’s Get Physical (Units) | Boris Smus

*this* is mobile, not just a 320px wide piece of glass #mobilismconf

The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW! Cloud Four Blog

QuirksMode – for all your browser quirks


Triumph of the Mundane | Blog | design mind

Mobilism on Vimeo

Cutting through the Crap: The Essence of Content on the Future Web // Speaker Deck

Coverage of Mobilism 2012 – Lanyrd

Mobile Debugging // Speaker Deck

RT @jaspio: Here’s a panoramic shot of Path� Tuschinski: what an amazing venue #mobilismconf #mobilism

JavaScript console – for debugging JavaScript and remote debugging mobile web apps

PCAP Web Performance Analyzer

Mobile Perf bookmarklet

1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple’s Future

Mobile-first, a quick introduction

Application Cache: Douchebag // Speaker Deck





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