0% credit for Kiva in Peru

I’ve been wanting to give Kiva a try for a long time and the trip to Peru was encouragement enough. I issued a few loans when we got back and was very impressed. Its great that as a microcredit service you get to choose who the money goes to and you receive the money back for reissue on loan completion. This gives more long term involvement with lending than many other lend-and-forget microloan services.

I recently decided to use some of my unused 0% interest free credit limit to increase my Kiva lending. While slightly risky there seemed little justification for not going trying it out. The money could be much better used by people that need a loan, than by sitting unused on my credit card statement. I chose loans which would be repaid in less than 6 months and only loaned $25 per per person to spread the risk of any delinquent payments.

Follow the progress of my loans and consider lending yourself.

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Using Twitter at Think Visibility

There was a fair amount of activity on Twitter happening at Think Visibility. Here’s some pointers on how to make the most of Twitter at an event like Think Visibility.


Watch the #thinkvisibility hashtag
Follow the event Twitter account @thinkvisibility
Join in the conversation
Follow the speakers
Follow interesting people

At the event

Those you have followed will now appear in your Twitter stream
Continue watching the event hashtag
Continue following interesting people as they appear
When talking to people, ask them for their Twitter name and follow them

Post event

Catch up with your new followers and follow them
Post Tweets about the event
Find to presentations being posted about Think Visibility with Twitseek.

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Nottingham Twestival Returns

Nottingham Twestival is taking place at 7.30pm on Thursday 10th September 2009 at Muse, Hockley. This time round the very worthy charity is The National Autistic Society – Nottingham.

Volunteer meetups are currently taking place with much more help than last time, thanks all! With the venue agreed it is now the interesting part of finding sponsorship, getting raffle prizes and choosing bands.

To find out more about Nottingham Twestival , check the blog and follow @nottstwestival.

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Web 2.0 Surgery Gains Momentum

Web 2.0 Surgery is going from strength to strength with the fifth event.  There is another great line up of experts ready to answer questions on everything Web 2.0 and internet related.

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Nottingham Tech Scene

As part of figuring out the Nottingham Tech Scene there is now a wiki page to track the tech companies, web companies, web design companies, games companies and tech events based in Nottingham.

Please feel free to add your company to the Nottingham Tech Scene wiki.

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Invisible Festival Unveiled

It seems appropriate to find out about a virtual festival through a friend on Facebook who I’ve never met. This lead to a shared experience with hundreds of other festival-goers who never get to meet each other.

The Invisible Festival is taking place over the weekend of 8/9 August 2009. The venue for the festival is wherever you want it to be. The soundtrack is the same but the venues are different. The very simple idea being that you invite all your friends to your place and you listen to a set playlist. This happens at many different venues but the experiene is shared on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Its all provided free but donations are requested for Cancer Research UK.

The music is provided by The Invisible Festival as playlists on Spotify. The event wouldn’t be happening without Spotify which as a service has to be seen to be believed. See Lifehacker Spotify article for glowing review. Spotify has 3.8 million tracks available for streaming, for free. Its like iTunes without the shopping cart.

Similarly, without the Invisible Festival I wouldn’t be a Spotify user. Its ridiculous but I just didn’t realise how great it was going to be even though people have been raving about it. And its a nice smug feeling that the UK is one of the first countries to get access to the service.

Spotify and Invisible Festival made the best festival of 2009!

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NottTuesday July

Another great NottTuesday event. This time it was very ably hosted by Garry Shutler and took a different Q&A format to normal. A whole raft of questions were suggested including reliance on the cloud, Twitter as a marketing tool, AB testing and refactoring code. The single topic that then dominated the night was web site calls to action and conversions.

Take a look at nottingham+video+production and see which site would get your call.

Alan talked about his experiences of conversion success on SimpleLifeForms.

Adam described monitoring Twitter searches using Tweetdeck as ‘dynamic SEO’. You can also get an RSS feed of Twitter Search terms so that you never miss a tweet. Here’s the RSS feed for NottTuesday tweets.

Looking forward to the next event already!

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Twitseeking BambooJuice

If you were also unlucky enough to be able to make it down to Cornwall for Bamboo Juice, it will be clear from this that we missed a treat.

Photos of the weekend:

Post event commentary:

Oh well, there’s always next time or BarcampCornwall.

This post was written by Twitseeking bamboojuice.

Short URL: http://martinwright.tv/?p=258

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Twitter + Google = Twitseek

Twitseek Logo

With the continuing speculation (Silicon Alley Insider, BuzzMachine, WebProNews) surrounding the possible purchase of Twitter by Google why not get a sneak preview of the end result by using Twitseek.

It’s like Google, only for Twitter. It’s an attempt to present the results from a Twitter search in a different format. It’s information from Twitter that looks like information from Google. It should have been called Twiggle or Twoogle but it just didn’t sound right!

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Web 2.0 Surgery Launches

After an impossibly short gestation period, Web 2.0 Surgery is up and running with the first event taking place on Thursday 26th March 2009 at Cape, Nottingham, NG1 2EW.

Web 2.0 Surgery is an informal gathering of experts and clients to discuss SEO, e-commerce, RSS, video, audio, traffic building, mailing lists, analytics, adwords, social networks and anything else.

The idea is to create a marketplace for Web 2.0 skills within Nottingham. This will be a great resource for those looking for work and those looking for solutions.

The event did not take long to put together as there was definitely a need for such a meetup. Within a week there were 7 experts signed up:

  • David Coveney – Consulting, Web Design and Online Marketing for Small Businesses.
  • Susi O’Neill – Developing multimedia web content (text, audio and video), blogging and online copywriting, cross-platform production and developing online audiences.
  • Chris Rowe – Web CMSs, Site Interactivity, XHTML and CSS, GTD (Get things done) Ninja.
  • Sean Holmes – Graphic Designer with 10 years experience in the industry
  • Caron-Jane Lyon – Web 2 & Social Media orientation, Mobile & Live Social Media tools, Virtual World – Second Life
  • Stu Owens – E-Commerce development, Online Marketing strategy, SEO, PPC & Email marketing.
  • Helen Whitehead – online communities, tools and techniques for remote and flexible working, social media strategy and training.

The event is planned to be monthly to form part of Nottingham’s new found tech scene. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

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