iTunes Connect TestFlight Issues

It’s not been a great week for iTunesConnect in the first week since TestFlight was retired. There have been issues with accessing iTunes Connect, uploading builds for testing and notifications not being sent.

This has affected my ability to send builds out to two clients this week, but all builds were delivered by using workarounds.

iTunes Connect Workarounds

These are the¬†workarounds I’ve been using:

iTunesConnect login successful but blank page displayed

Login using Chrome instead of Safari.


Uploaded build remains in Processing state

My builds are typically processed successfully within 10 minutes. If they remain in a Processing state longer than that I assume something has failed. I will then increment the version and build number in Xcode and resubmit. This subsequent build will typically process successfully.


Notifications not being sent

If push notifications and emails are not received after uploading the build, you can remove and re-invite testers to the build. This will trigger the notifications.



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