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After a relatively short amount of time, Twitseek is in Beta at

So, Twitseek. It’s like Google, only for Twitter. It’s an attempt to present the results from a Twitter search in a different format. It should have been called Twiggle or Twoogle but it just didn’t sound right!

The idea behind the site is very simple. I was starting to find that was a better search engine to find really current links about really current events than Google. It was much better at highlighting URL’s that were being twittered than Google Blog Search or Google News depending on what you were looking for.

The frustrating part about is that it would only show the TinyURL with the expand option. It then become impossible to simply scan the results to see which links were relevant. Twitseek aims to address this problem.

Twitseek only returns tweets that contain a link. People are normally tweeting a relevant URL. It then expands that URL by default to allow you to scan the results. It also returns the Page Title of the URL as URL’s don’t always make easy reading. This information is then presented in a the same way as Google search results are – Page Title, Tweet content, URL, Twitter Username.

Below is a screenshot of results for Stephen Fry which shows mixture of postings on various sites.

The same search criteria on returns comments about Stephen Fry but gives me no links to anything he is currently doing.

The site is currently in Beta to get feedback before a final polish and roll out of more features. Follow Twitseek on Twitter for updates.

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