I made the decision between iPod Touch and iPhone pretty simply. The interface looked great. Much sexier than anything before and very exciting. But I couldn’t get excited about the inclusion of a phone so opted for the iPod Touch.

When the iPhone 3G was announced it was a much easier decision to make. I had to have it. Still not for the phone functionality but for having an internet connected device in my pocket.

For the first time I’m getting play with some of the iPhone 2.0 features. Things like the Maps feature but how interesting can that be? Simple things like being able to set up directions and play them back step by step on as the Google Maps site. When combined with the current location it can show you exactly how lost you are.

The genius moment is when looking at the maps while driving and a little blue spot starts flashing on screen to show your location and then begins moving as you drive. Suddenly this a feature that I have needed all my life! The first time this happened in the Scottish countryside I saw none of the beautiful scenery as I was transfixed by a little flashing blue light.

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