iPhone – Failing To Charge

It’s probably my fault for using the iPhone, but it keeps running out of charge after about 5 hours. This is less than previously experienced with the iPod Touch or even iPod mini. Partway through the working day, the iPhone is giving battery warnings, which was never a problem for an iPod but definitely a problem for a mobile phone.

All I need to do is charge, right? Wrong. Using a USB connector hooked up the the PC is no good without iTunes installed. So surely using an iPod charger would be OK? It would be if I wasn’t using one that had been kicking around for while and wasn’t ‘compatible’ with the iPhone. Power, charger and iPhone not compatible, huh!?

When buying the iPhone I had no intention of using it just as a phone. What a waste that would be for a truly mobile pocket computer. It was the 3G network to allow easy web browsing and third party apps that appealed. I’m using Twitterific and even the Facebook app much more than that Phone app. And a healthy appetite for the consumption of podcasts ensure that a couple of hours of every charge are spent listening on the iPod.

While the power consumption continues to be unimpressive and the solution is long winded I’m already looking forward to the next generation that can pack more power for its punch.

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